Annik Gareau went from working for someone else’s dream in a 9 to 5 job to create the lifestyle of her dream. She now owns a successful coaching business and travel with her family all around the world. She is a recognized expert in the field of making your dreams come true.

She is the author of the upcoming book called “The Millionaire Women Mindset: Straight Answers From Self-Made Wealthy Women”. In this book, she undertakes to permanently interrupt women’s limiting patterns in regard to financial freedom.

Annik Gareau has been called “enlightened”, “energetic” and “warrior” from those who have heard her speak. She has a profound belief that every human being is beyond extraordinary and deserves to live a life they fully love. After more than one decade of completing several renowned success trainings and personal growth programs with the best of the best in the industry, Annik created the Live Your Dream Life.

She coaches and mentors women all around the globe on living the life that they have always dreamed of. She holds a Baccalaureate in Communication from Sherbrooke University. To this day, she still continues to expand and grow to benefit those who decide to work with her. She travels widely and lives in Quebec, Canada.


Annik has tremendous amount of topics she can speak about with your audience. Here is some of the topics she talks about in her powerful presentations:

5 Minutes to Attract a Happy Fulfilling DayHow to use a morning routine to attract positive outcomes and improve your happiness

Own It!Ladies: Why PLEASURE is the transformational and radical key to a NEW SEXY YOU for a fun and fabulous life.

The Dream Map Workshop How to create your goals from your HEART and let yourself be guided by your DIVINE intuition

Unleash Your AuthenticityHow to use the power of STORY to attract total abundance and why authenticity is the way to connect with your clients and sky rocket your business

Workshop Elixir of Life Secret SystemHow to create the life of your DREAMS by being consistent at taking ONE little step toward your goals and give yourself radical self-love and care every day.

The Ultimate Clarity & Inner Power BlueprintHow to walk out from feeling stuck and confused and welcome in crystal clear clarity and power to limitless expansion!

Wake Up with Passion
and Excitement!
How to overcome FEAR and THRIVE!

Annik can work with you to personalize and choose the best suitable topic for your audience. She will teach them her unconventional and ingenious ideas that will help them tap into their greatness and start living their dream life regardless of where they are in their life now.


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